Transmission Service and Repairs FAQS

Transmission FAQ's

I own a Ford truck and my OD light is flashing, what does this mean?
Most Ford products that have a OD Button on the shifter handle will flash when there is a problem with the Transmission, This is a feature the manufacturer has incorporated in the vehicle Trans control module to alert the driver that there is a problem and the vehicle needs to be seen by a repair facility. Call Sharp Transmissions if you have further questions or stop by for a free road test.
My Car or Truck does not have a Transmission dipstick, How do I check the Transmission Fluid?
We get this question alot! Here's the answer: Many new cars or trucks are not equipped with a dipstick because some manufacturers ie, VW, BMW. Mercedes Benz and others require the vehicle's Transmission temperature to be monitored using a vehicle specific scan tool, then raising the vehicle, removing the level plug all while monitoring trans temp. If it is low, many of these vehicle use very specific transmission fluids and must be filled using the correct fluid. Other vehicles are equipped with a Trans fill tube with no dipstick, in this case the stick is essentially a tool that you purchase to do this, Chrysler and Nissan are a few examples of this. Call Sharp Transmissions if you have further questions or stop by for a free road test.
My GM car shifts hard after a long drive, Is this a problem?
This depends on a few things: 1) Is the check engine light coming on when this happens? 2) How frequently does this this occur? 3) Are you towing anything or is the vehicle heavily loaded when this occurs? As you can see there is no simple answer this, I would suggest calling and making an appointment for a diagnosis.Call Sharp Transmissions if you have further questions or stop by for a free road test.
What is the warranty on a rebuilt transmission
Our transmission rebuilds come with a 2 year 24,000 mile warranty on all parts and labor, You can buy more protection if you choose to. We can also offer the same products and services that any dealership can offer, we also sell original equipment GM Ford and Chryser Remanufactured Transmissions as well as any import OE Units. Please visit the ATRA link for more info about out coast to coast warranties.
Should I Rebuild or Replace my Transmission?
When we determine that your transmission has internal damage, the next step is removal of the transmission and then teardown. When this is completed we can determine whether it is cost effective to rebuild yours or if the damage is too great and it exceeds the cost of a replacement transmission, then a replacement transmission is a better option for you. Another factor is mileage, If you are a courier or a tradesman and your transmission has 295,000 miles on it then we would recommend a remanufactured transmission assembly. Call Sharp Transmissions if you have further questions or stop by for a free road test.
My Vehicle has high miles, Should I fix my car?
In many cases the answer is Yes! However we have some guidelines to offer and thay are: 1) Have you maintained your vehicle adequately? ie: regular oil changes, brakes, alignments etc, if the answer is Yes, then we would recommend repairing the vehicle. However if there is alot of rust and other issues I would recommend bringing the vehicle in and we can help you evaluate the vehicle's condition. Call Sharp Transmissions if you have further questions or stop by for a free road test.
I have an aftermarket warranty, Do you accept these?
Yes, We handle all Aftermarket Warranties, Sharp Transmissions Total Car Care is the area's leading transmission and Auto Repair facility and we are experts in dealing with your Extended Warranty Company. Call Sharp Transmissions if you have further questions or stop by for a free road test.
Do you work on classic cars and muscle cars?
Yes. We work on all classic cars from 1964-up. We can build any transmission to suit the needs of a particular project car or truck you own. Milt is a specialist on Pontiac GTO's and Firebirds and owns several classic cars himself. We can also upgrade or Restomod any of these classics to a modern 5 or 6 speed transmission. Sharp Transmissions is also a distributor for Tremec Transmissions. Call Sharp Transmissions if you have further questions or stop by for a free road test.
My transmission is leaking, Does this mean I need a new transmission?
No, But a leaking transmission is something to be concerned about, a simple repair can save you lots of money down the road so don't ignore those spots on the driveway. Call Sharp Transmissions if you have further questions or stop by for a free road test.
Do you work on Import cars like a BMW or Mercedes Benz?
Yes we do! In fact we have spent thousands of dollars on new technology to be able to service these vehicles. We also have the technicians with the training and expertise to perform these repairs quickly and efficiently and since these dealerships are quite a distance from the Kingston area choosing Sharp Transmissions would also be convenient. In addition we can also provide you with dealership level service on all areas of these cars from simpler maintenance issues to more complicated repairs.

Satisfied Customers


My experience with Sharp Transmissions has always been positive. They were honest about what needed to be done on my vehicles and went above and beyond with their quality of work.

Barbara G. G.
Kingston NY,


Thanks again Sharp Transmission, you earned 5 stars from this customer.

Tina Gomo
Highland NY,


I have had a great experience here! Two solenoids on my transmission were replaced, lowest price in town, with a one day turn around. Everyone was respectful and prompt

Jenna W.
Port Ewen NY,


I got my truck back a few days later with the transmission rebuilt by Milt and his team and it runs perfectly.

Fred Rasmussen
Kingston NY,


I'm glad that over the last few years Sharp Transmissions has expanded it's services to include ALL things automotive.

John Platania
Rhinebeck NY,


You really are one of the last of the Good Guys!

Mr.Henry Sobeck
Saugerties, New York


For over 25 years Sharp Transmissions has been our one and only call.

Gary Arold
Kingston NY,


When my local shop could not handle my car's transmission problem, I was advised to go to Sharp in Kingston.

Jean K


When all was said and done, I got the oil change, a transmission flush, a new battery, and a new air filter for a price that I'm positive would have been about triple at the dealer.

Leslie G.
Kingston NY,


A real professional i would take any car with any problem to this place.its hard to find a mechanic you can trust and Milt is just that.

Mr.Jay Wells
Accord, New York


They are my only car care providers now and I bring my vehicles to them for everything. They earned my trust and loyalty with their fair prices and honesty.

Mr.Stephen Tresco
Rhinebeck, New York


I would definitely recommend Sharp Transmission to anyone who needs this type of work done and wants to know the cost will be low and the quality high.

Mrs.Elizabeth Murphy
Saugerties, New York


The timing was exactly as he predicted and the final price if the transmission matched the estimate.

Elizabeth Murphy
Saugerties NY,


Great service! Honest and reliable care always!

Laura Hawthorne
Tivoli NY,


They even do more than just transmissions, and are experts in all aspects of car repairs - which is a big help to me since I have had bad experiences at other repair shops in the past and like to stick with a place I can trust - plus it is just more convenient for me to take my care to one place as oppossed to many various specialists.

Leah C.
Albany NY,


The mechanic (Milt) test drove my minivan hooking the computer to locate the problem alongside me. After the test, he told me that it was not the transmission problem; it was a problem with Throttle Position Censor (TPS). He replaced the TPS while I waited. I paid $300 for this service. They were very professional and courteous.

Shafiul Choudhury
Saugerties NY,


I highly recommend Sharp Transmission and Milt to anyone wanting top quality service.

Barry Greene
Stone Ridge NY,


If you think you have a transmission issue?, TAKE IT TO SHARP!!

GoodHorsekeeping GoodHorsekeeping
Kerhonkson NY,


Their prices are very reasonable and they always explain everything and tell me what options I have. I highly recommend them.

Anna C.
Stone Ridge NY,


You want the best, you got the best!.

Dave Reuter
Hyde Park NY,


Thanks Milt!!! For the great service and honesty that's hard to find in this world today....

Thomas T.
Long Island NY,


Quick turn around time. Friendly, curteous, knowledgeable staff. A+ all the way

M.Zucco Zucco
Poughkeepsie NY,


Very impressed by Sharp Transmission. Did great work on my old Hondy Odyssey 1999. Offered followup testing and did a thorough and decent job. Communicated well. The mechanics were very knowledgeable and helpful

J.H. J.H.
New Paltz NY,

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