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The staff of Sharp Transmissions realize that our customers in Kingston and the greater Ulster County community are the most valued assets of our Kingston area auto transmission repair shop. We are always happy to receive testimonials from car owners and equally happy to share their feedback with you! So if you live in Kingston or the surrounding Ulster County area please consider our shop for all your car repair and service needs.

Barbara G. G. from Kingston NY

Barbara G.

My experience with Sharp Transmissions has always been positive. They
were honest about what needed to be done on my vehicles and went above
and beyond with their quality of work.
January 16, 2009

Tina Gomo from Highland NY


As I was getting ready for my daily morning commute to work I heard an off sound in my rear brakes. Without any appt or call I stopped into Sharp Transmissions to express my concerns. The owner Milt took my vehicle for an extensive road test and insured me that all is well, at no cost. It's so nice to have a car business that is all about customer service, as I left he reminded me about an upcoming oil change and transmission service to keep my vehicle in tip top shape for the climate changes. Thanks again Sharp Transmission, you earned 5 stars from this customer.

Jenna W. from Port Ewen NY

I have had a great experience here! Two solenoids on my transmission were replaced, lowest price in town, with a one day turn around. Everyone was respectful and prompt

Fred Rasmussen from Kingston NY

Frederick Rasmussen reviewed in the last week
Quality Excellent

Incredible is all I have to say. My truck started slipping and immediately I brought the truck to Milt. He diagnosed the problem which was a known defect that the manufacturer knows about but was not covering. I had an extended warranty that the company was not going to cover either. Milt went above and beyond to work with the adjuster to prove this was a warranty issue. I got my truck back a few days later with the transmission rebuilt by Milt and his team and it runs perfectly. This is the second vehicle that I had work done at Sharp and if I ever need work on any of my other vehicles, I will definitely be getting them over to Milt's place. One more thing. It nice to walk into a place where they talk to you and explain things rather than just take your keys and say we'll call you when we know whats wrong. Thanks again Milt. You have a lifetime customer

John Platania from Rhinebeck NY

I'm glad that over the last few years Sharp Transmissions has expanded it's services to include ALL things automotive. They handle all my car care needs - most recently valve cover gasket replacement - expertly, reasonably & always in a timely manner. Highly recommended.

Henry Sobeck from Saugerties New York

Thank You Milt for all your help. You really are one of the last of the Good Guys!

Gary Arold from Kingston NY

With a large fleet of construction equipment and service vehicles we often find the need for transmission service and rebuilds. For over 25 years Sharp Transmissions has been our one and only call.

Jean K from Kerhonkson

5.0 star rating


When my local shop could not handle my car's transmission problem, I was advised to go to Sharp in Kingston. Milt had the car towed and called me with my options. After making an informed decision and giving Milt the OK, he began the work and called to give me bad news: the vehicle, 10 years old, had multiple additional problems. The cost to repair exceeded the value of the vehicle. Milt kept the car until I was able to get it hauled away, made a recommendation for a replacement vehicle and charged me a minimal charge for the work. How respectable.

Six stars!!!

Deb V from Ulster Park New York

If you're tired of getting ripped off by dealerships and oil change franchises that treat you with indifference, go see Milt. He does the simple things of car maintenance as well as the big jobs! He's honest, kind and considerate. I'm glad I found him. Trustworthy people are hard to come by. Thanks Milt, for 'old fashion' customer service. Love it!

Leslie G. from Kingston NY

Leslie G.

Kingston, NY

5.0 star rating
I recently moved to Kingston and needed to find a place to take my car (Toyota Matrix). I'm one of those people who has always taken my car to the dealer, but this time I wanted to take it elsewhere to hopefully avoid getting gouged. So, I took my car to Sharp for an oil change and an overall check. There were certain things that the dealer had told me needed to be fixed, so I wanted Sharp to check these things and tell me if they truly did need to be addressed.

When all was said and done, I got the oil change, a transmission flush, a new battery, and a new air filter for a price that I'm positive would have been about triple at the dealer. Also, they informed me that one of the things the dealer said needed to be fixed is not in need of repair.

Milt was extremely courteous when I dropped off my car in the morning and when I picked it up in the afternoon (they finished about 3 hours earlier than scheduled, which was great). He went over the entire vehicle maintenance checklist with me and explained what had been checked, what had been fixed, and what would need to be fixed down the road. He even gave me a free pen to boot.

My experience here was really great, and I will definitely return. I never felt like I was being sold things I don't need, which was a frequent experience at the dealer. I can safely say that my days at the dealer are done.

Jay Wells from Accord New York

A real professional i would take any car with any problem to this place.its hard to find a mechanic you can trust and Milt is just that.

Stephen Tresco from Rhinebeck New York

I am so happy I found Sharp Transmissions. They are my only car care providers now and I bring my vehicles to them for everything. They earned my trust and loyalty with their fair prices and honesty. The work they performed on my cars is superior to all other service stations AND the dealers I have used.

Elizabeth Murphy from Saugerties New York

My husband's 1999 Saturn needed a new transmission. Sharp Transmission was recommended to us by our mechanic, and we thought it couldn't hurt to see what they could do before searching for a new car. ilt was fantastic; calm and reassuring. The estimate for a rebuilt transmission, assuming he could find one, was about half what I thought I would have to pay. The timing was exactly as he predicted and the final price if the transmission matched the estimate. Other issues were discovered once work began, but his communication was excellent and the whole job was completed within the original time frame. I would definitely recommend Sharp Transmission to anyone who needs this type of work done and wants to know the cost will be low and the quality high.

Elizabeth Murphy from Saugerties NY

My husband's 1999 Saturn needed a new transmission. Sharp Transmission was recommended to us by our mechanic, and we thought it couldn't hurt to see what they could do before searching for a new car. Milt was fantastic; calm and reassuring. The estimate for a rebuilt transmission, assuming he could find one, was about half what I thought I would have to pay. The timing was exactly as he predicted and the final price if the transmission matched the estimate. Other issues were discovered once work began, but his communication was excellent and the whole job was completed within the original time frame. I would definitely recommend Sharp Transmission to anyone who needs this type of work done and wants to know the cost will be low and the quality high.

Laura D. Laura D. from Red Hook NY

My 2004 Chevy Impala was shifting hard, but only sporadically. I went to my usual mechanic and he highly recommended Sharp Transmissions. I am reluctant because I know men tend to think women know nothing of cars. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they never spoke to me condescendingly. They didn't try to push anything that wasn't necessary. When I asked if this was a smart decision to replace my tranny, I was assured it was. I was then shown how good of condition my car was and it made sense. I love my car and am very happy on the service they did. They even topped the air in my tires! I highly recommend these guys.

Laura Hawthorne from Tivoli NY

Great service! Honest and reliable care always! Using them for years and always get excellent work on my car. These guys really care and know their business. I would recommend them to everyone!

Leah C. from Albany NY

January 26, 2012

Trustworthy, Informative & Fair. I have taken my vehicles to Sharp Transmissions for years. Prices are reasonable and the crew is trustworthy and educated in their field. I always recieve options and an informed explanation for what is being done, why it is being done and what the cost will be. The Sharp Transmissions guys are quick and reliable and take good care of their customers (just take a look at the many "thank you notes" up on the walls). They even do more than just transmissions, and are experts in all aspects of car repairs - which is a big help to me since I have had bad experiences at other repair shops in the past and like to stick with a place I can trust - plus it is just more convenient for me to take my care to one place as oppossed to many various specialists. Anyway, its a good place - give them a shot.

Thanks, Sharp Transmissions - I'll certainly be back!

Shafiul Choudhury from Saugerties NY

April 27, 2011

Car Trouble and a good solution. I recently had a problem with my 2003 Mazda MPV (app.115k miles). The vehicle started shking while shifting gears. Shaking increased with increasing speed. I took my car to a local Monroe shop. They recommended to have it checked for transmission problem.

I made an appointment with Sharp Transmission of Kingston, New York. The mechanic (Milt) test drove my minivan hooking the computer to locate the problem alongside me. After the test, he told me that it was not the transmission problem; it was a problem with Throttle Position Censor (TPS). He replaced the TPS while I waited. I paid $300 for this service. They were very professional and courteous.

I am very satisfied with Sharp Transmission’s service.

Barry Greene from Stone Ridge NY

great work. Sharp Transmissions did a great job in two ways for me: First, my 28 Tudor Ford hot rod needed a transmission, shift kit and drive shaft. When I purchased the rod, much of the existing equipment in these areas was in bad shape, some with poorly made parts that compromised performance and safety. Milt installed everything right and carefully explained the sourcing, process and work itself. I have also had other repairs and fabrication work done at Sharp on the rod and am very well satisfied by all of it, including the workmanship and care that went into every step. Whether you need regular transmission type work done, or specialty work on a unique vehicle, I highly recommend Sharp Transmission and Milt to anyone wanting top quality service.

GoodHorsekeeping GoodHorsekeeping from Kerhonkson NY

June 23, 2010

Superior Transmission Service from Sharp Transmissions. I took my 2002 Ford Ranger into STS Tire and Auto because I had a terrible noise that turned out to be wheel bearings and chopped tires. I was also mistakenly told by a service tech (STS)not from Sharp) and (not a transmission specialist) that my transmission was not shifting properly. (tech's error). If transmission was not shifting properly, I would be doing 60 mph in 2nd gear @ 3500+ R.P.M.(after the fact) and I would know it. The manager from STS highly recommended that I take my truck to SHARP Transmissions in Kingston. I did. They found NOTHING wrong with the transmission other then to recommended a flush. So I had it flushed at 75K, end of story. Truck would have needed to be flushed anyway. Transmission had no issues. What does that say about Sharp Transmission's?? If you think you have a transmission issue?, TAKE IT TO SHARP!! I did how ever wind up getting wheel bearings and tires at S.T.S.. I Knew it was coming. The noise was a combination of bearings and chopped tires. Had I rotated the tires every 5 to 7k miles, I would have just needed bearings. Thank you MIlton and your staff for taking good care of my Truck!! So if your transmission dies and you can't drive your vehicle there then tow it there!! Sharp has all the diagnostic equipment and professional service for your transmission!

K.F. I will always recommend you!!

Anna C. from Stone Ridge NY

June 19, 2010

Experience and Honesty. I've been taking my vehicles to Sharp Transmissions in Kingston for over 20 years. I can always count on them to be honest and fast. Their prices are very reasonable and they always explain everything and tell me what options I have. I highly recommend them.

Dave Reuter from Hyde Park NY

You want the best, you got the best!. I recently had an issue with my 2003 Ford Explorer. I took it to 3 different mechanics and no one could figure it out. Finally, a friend suggested I take it to sharp in Kingston. I got a call the next day that the car was ready and the issue was solved. Thanks guys for being so knowledgeable. Lets put it this way. If you had to have an operation, would you want to use the guy who has done 5 of them or the guy who has done 5000. Enough said...

Thomas T. from Long Island NY

Thomas T reviewed 6 months ago
Quality Excellent

Thanks Milt!!! For the great service and honesty that's hard to find in this world today.... On 12/8/08 I broke down on the NYST south. I asked the tow truck driver to take me to the most reputable transmission place he knew, and that he did!!!! When I walked into the shop, I first asked if I could use the bathroom, when I walked into the bathroom I was surprised to see how clean it was for a repair shop, too me the first good indicator.. After peaking in the shop and noticing a clean organized work environment I felt even better.... After leaving the vehicle and having them diagnose the problem they gave me two options, factory rebuilt or rebuild the existing.. I did wind up going with the factory rebuild with a great warranty and to this day almost four years later and no problems, I would highly recommend Milt and his crew!!! Also to this day Milt will answer any questions in regards to the vehicle I had repaired almost 4 years ago without any hesitation.... But let me remind you the questions I ask are regular service questions, not problems I'm having, because I have had no problems what so ever!!! THANKS again Sharp Transmissions

M.Zucco Zucco from Poughkeepsie NY

Martin Zucco reviewed 3 months ago
Quality Excellent

Quick turn around time. Friendly, curteous, knowledgeable staff. A+ all the way

J.H. J.H. from New Paltz NY

Very impressed by Sharp Transmission. Did great work on my old Hondy Odyssey 1999. Offered followup testing and did a thorough and decent job. Communicated well. The mechanics were very knowledgeable and helpful

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