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Superior Transmission Service from Sharp Transmissions. I took my 2002 Ford Ranger into STS Tire and Auto because I had a terrible noise that turned out to be wheel bearings and chopped tires. I was also mistakenly told by a service tech (STS)not from Sharp) and (not a transmission specialist) that my transmission was not shifting properly. (tech's error). If transmission was not shifting properly, I would be doing 60 mph in 2nd gear @ 3500+ R.P.M.(after the fact) and I would know it. The manager from STS highly recommended that I take my truck to SHARP Transmissions in Kingston. I did. They found NOTHING wrong with the transmission other then to recommended a flush. So I had it flushed at 75K, end of story. Truck would have needed to be flushed anyway. Transmission had no issues. What does that say about Sharp Transmission's?? If you think you have a transmission issue?, TAKE IT TO SHARP! I did how ever wind up getting wheel bearings and tires at S.T.S.. I Knew it was coming. The noise was a combination of bearings and chopped tires. Had I rotated the tires every 5 to 7k miles, I would have just needed bearings. Thank you MIlton and your staff for taking good care of my Truck! So if your transmission dies and you can't drive your vehicle there then tow it there! Sharp has all the diagnostic equipment and professional service for your transmission! K.F. I will always recommend you!

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