Thomas T. - Long Island NY

Quality Excellent Thanks Milt! For the great service and honesty that's hard to find in this world today.... On 12/8/08 I broke down on the NYST south. I asked the tow truck driver to take me to the most reputable transmission place he knew, and that he did! When I walked into the shop, I first asked if I could use the bathroom, when I walked into the bathroom I was surprised to see how clean it was for a repair shop, too me the first good indicator.. After peaking in the shop and noticing a clean organized work environment I felt even better.... After leaving the vehicle and having them diagnose the problem they gave me two options, factory rebuilt or rebuild the existing.. I did wind up going with the factory rebuild with a great warranty and to this day almost four years later and no problems, I would highly recommend Milt and his crew! Also to this day Milt will answer any questions in regards to the vehicle I had repaired almost 4 years ago without any hesitation.... But let me remind you the questions I ask are regular service questions, not problems I'm having, because I have had no problems what so ever! THANKS again Sharp Transmissions

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